Welcome to the Marvida Group of Companies. We are a diversified multinational entity and as a group, our focus is on enabling people to rise through solutions that power entrepreneurship and enhance their urban lifestyles. Our constantly evolving group is expanding through tactical investments in global markets, creating high-quality interrelated ventures, products and services worldwide.

Marvida Group of Companies is a Bahrain based diversified group with business presence that spans across the continents. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Manama, to represents the global standards in product quality & service delivery. Guided by this vision, it is today a well-known, respected and one of the leading fully-integrated multidisciplinary property group in the Kingdom of Bahrain. we have more than 100 dedicated employees across our international footprint.

Over the years,  Marvida Group built on its successes and has established eminence in three economic frontiers: Real Estate Development, Contracting, Trading, Travel and Tourism, Event Management and more recently, Financial Advisory & Consultancy. These core businesses are supported by the Group’s significant interests in quarrying, trading and development. Backed by a 10 years strong track record, the Group is forging ahead, strengthening existing businesses while exploring new opportunities to enhance its sustainability.

Our Vision

Inheriting a proud heritage of entrepreneurship, Marvida Group is a testament that vision together with determination, innovation and its capability of responding to challenges and opportunities present a powerful and compelling force, which in return brings in growth and success in business.

Building on the foundation of its strong entrepreneurial roots, Marvida Group is committed to quality and professionalism in its drive towards its vision to build a viable, sustainable and globally competitive group of businesses.

“Management Vision calls for in-depth job knowledge… it adds dimension… it is more than foresight… it is that rare ability to see future potential in a business setting that reaps rewards.”

Our Values


To consistently provide goods and services of the highest quality at affordable prices.


To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship.


To nurture and be committed to innovation.


To conduct business with honour.

Human Resource

To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence Unity to ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all.


To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities.
To create wealth for the betterment of society
Marvida  Group has been committed to a policy of social responsibility by striving for the betterment of the society through its contribution to the development and progress of the communities in which it operates.

“We should be mindful that we avoid building a Group whose total concentration is to make profit – devoid of human touch and excitement. The Group has long been committed to a policy of social responsibility by striving for the betterment of society and holds strongly the belief that an organization does not detach itself from its social responsibilities.”